electrotherapy for treating back pain

Will Electrotherapy Cure My Backache

Some of the conditions like backache and arthritis often come due to advancement in age. However, there are other causes for the occurrence of these diseases in the human body. For instance, accidents could lead to the development of these conditions. For most people, these conditions become permanent once they affect the body and no amount of medication and exercise can help to cure them. The good news is that backache is not a permanent condition and it can be cured irrespective of the cause.

Due to the flood of information on the internet, many people find that they are torn in between the very many suggestions offered on the internet for the cure of backache. One of the most common questions that people ask is if electrotherapy will help sure their backache permanently. In order to answer this question correctly, it is first important to know what electrotherapy really is and what it entails.

What is electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is the process of treatment of the back by use of electric current at low voltage. The process is also referred to as TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nervous Stimulation. This process is carried out using a TENS unit. This is a device that uses a rechargeable battery and it can be hooked onto a belt which is then connected with two electrodes. The function of the electrodes is to transmit electric current from the TENS unit to the skin on the back.

Theories that explain how it works

Even though there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back the use of electric current to cure or relieve back pain, the system has been in use for several centuries now. One theory that tries to explain the healing process states that when the nerves are stimulated by the electric current, they close a gate mechanism in the spinal cord that prevents feeling pain. When the electrode comes into contact with the skin during the TENS treatment, a tingly sensation will be experienced due to the movement of the electrodes in the nervous system.

Another theory that tries to explain how TENS treatment works states that when the nerves are stimulated by the electrode released by the TENS unit, they encourage the body to produce painkillers. These painkillers produced by the body help in pain relief in the back and they are usually referred to as endorphins.

Even though electrotherapy has been proven to work over the years, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that explains how it works. What is known though is that the process cannot work on its own to cure back pain completely. There is a need to complement the treatment with chiropractic adjustments to ensure that the problem is solved completely. A good chiropractor is therefore important to ensure that your back is in good condition and that the treatment you receive will help you recover completely. Calvanese Chiropractic is good and experienced in the field and you can contact them to schedule an appointment for your back pain. You can also contact them for any consultations and advice concerning back pain and how to cure and manage it.

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