What Is The Cause Of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common types of pain people suffer from. Unfortunately, with no severe medical conditions, lower back pain is considered a benign malady, self-limiting and non-progressive. It is usually characterized by a nagging discomfort in the lower back area, which renders a person unable to sit, stand or even lie down for prolonged period without feeling some pain, be it throbbing or pinching; mild or acute. So, what could be the cause of lower back pain?

1. Strained muscles
One factor that causes lower back pain is strained muscles. Pulled muscles, stressed muscles, muscles spasm, every one of them mean the similar thing and they sense the very same. But how do they show up? Pulled muscles occur when you do strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects and pulling massive loads. Typically, your body can cope up such type of activities, especially if you haul massive objects on a regular basis. But muscle cells do become weak, and when they do, they tend to be torn. Pulled muscles come up when you do an action too fast, like turning your body (especially the trunk) or perhaps bending over speedily. The explosive action will tear the muscles, particularly if they are not yet worked up.

Because of this, if you deal with a particularly overweight load, act to divert several of the load to ensure that your muscles could cope up with the work safely.

2. Muscle spasms
Muscle spasms occur whenever you overwork a muscle past the limit. This is specifically true during challenging workouts and intense sports activities. Every time a muscle works, it transforms oxygen as well as calorie into body energy, the burning chemical response produces minimal amounts of toxin which are eventually out as perspiration. If the muscle is utilized continuously, the buildup of toxins can occasionally overwhelm the relieve of toxins in the pores. This toxin build-up produces muscle soreness which contributes to the things that cause lower back pain.

3. Bad posture
Bad posture can be another example of the things that cause lower back pain. Sitting incorrectly can limit the blood flow to the spine and degenerate the cells that require it. If you’re sitting during a long period, sit in chairs with straight backs or low back support. If you can, set up a sitting position which will keep your knees slightly higher than the hips. Adjusting the chair or perhaps use a low stool to prop your foot are a few examples. Otherwise, you could use a seat that has minimal elevation.

4. Very little movement
Little movements in a day prompt your muscles to get stiff which can result in stiffness of the lower back and cause pain. This can happen in a job where you sit whole day and do not take short breaks to stretch your body.

5. Sleeping position
Another common factor for stiffness and lower back pain is the sleeping position. Sleeping in a single position for a long time also stiffens the back.

6. Medical condition
Some of the medical conditions such as osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and ruptured disc cause stiff back problem. In such cases, you should see the doctor immediately.

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