What Do Chiropractors Treat

If you are looking back pain relief alternatives, then chiropractic treatment can be the best option for you. Besides the back pain, we provide treatment for neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, and the headaches. Calvanese Chiropractic can help you to get rid of all types of the muscle and bone pains that come from the various causes that include accident, strains, and the sports injuries.

What do chiropractors treat?
At Calvanese Chiropractic we diagnose and treat different types of the spinal disorders that cause nerve pain. Like other types of the muscle treatments, we perform neurological and physical examinations before starting the treatments. We use hands-on spinal manipulation and some other alternatives for the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. This treatment heals the joint pain and injury without any surgery. We also treat muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues such as the ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. You can come visit us for the following reasons.

If you are experiencing headache due to the neck pain, then you can visit us for the treatment. This type of a headache will be felt in the temples, at the back of your head or behind your eyes. This is called cervicogenic headaches.

Back Strains and Sprains:
You can experience back pain when the ligaments become overstretched. That might come while lifting heavy objects or during playing. You can also get it suddenly during the daily activities. As the result, you can experience burning, stabbing, aching, and tingling.

You can experience sciatica when your sciatic nerves become irritated and compressed. This pain might be mild or severe and you will feel it below the knee of one leg. Sometimes, the pain becomes very severe and you can experience sharp and shooting pain like the electric-shock.

Degenerative Disc Diseases:
You can experience DDD in your old age. As you will be heading towards the old age, your intervertebral discs can breakdown as the result of the excessive use or strain. In the old age, the discs will tend to lose the elasticity, flexibility, and the absorption. Besides, they will be thinner and weak due to the dehydration.

Myofascial Pain:
You can experience myofascial pain in the sensitive points of your muscles. This pain occurs due to more pressure on those muscles. This pressure can cause you deep and severe pain in different parts of your body. You will feel like some knots in your body and that you will experience after a continuous use of a muscle.

Herniated Disc:
You can feel herniated disc in your low back or in your neck. It causes you pain when the interior matter or the outer ring press on the or nearby nerve root.

Spinal Osteoarthritis:
It might affect the spine’s facet joints or some other bones of your body. People usually experience spinal osteoarthritis in their old age.

Besides the above, you can also visit us at Calvanese Chiropractic for the piriformis syndrome, limb length discrepancy, and whiplash. All the chiropractic treatments are proved and they can help you to get a perfect solution to your muscle and bone pains without any surgery. Contact us today for a free consultation.