Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a Chiropractic therapy that combines both the electrotherapy TENS machine with ultrasound therapy to achieve pain and discomfort relief in  specific areas of the affected muscle areas. Trigger point is effective at increasing blood flow to targeted areas to enhance natural healing. Trigger point therapy is used by our staff in conjunction with other therapies to treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

  • Pain and swelling of the back
  • Muscle spasms
  • Joint pain
  • Specific muscle pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder Injuries
Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is a massage therapy that involves massaging the tight knots of the muscles to relieve pain. The knots in the body that tend to be the tightest are the neck, back, and leg muscles. This type of therapy helps to relieve muscle tension in the body. The focus of trigger point therapy is on eliminating the painful area rather than just treating the surface pain of inflammation. Trigger point therapy helps to find and destroy the pressure clusters as this will assist in eliminating the pain. The trigger points in the body are known to cause major discomfort to the body in the form of continuous unforgettable pain including hypersensitivity, muscle tension, shortening of the muscles, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and numbness, stabbing and shooting pains. This can also cause nausea, and dizziness. So it is important to deactivate the trigger point in order relieve pain. Those who receive this type of massage may feel some soreness for several days after the session. It is important to stretch out the muscles frequently to help prevent the muscles from tightening up again.

There are many trigger point therapy massage tools that can be used to help relieve the muscle tension and continuous experience of pain in the body. Each of these tools helps with relieving sore muscles and trigger points with varying results.

Backnobber Tool: The backnobber tool looks similar to the Thera-Cane but has unique useful qualities. The backnobber has the ability to be taken apart to fit in a carry-on bag or suitcase for easy travel. The backnobber also can be used by small and large individuals.

Thera-Cane: The Thera-Cane is found to be the most popular and versatile trigger point massage tool that is useful with allowing to get to all of the places that your hands are unable to meet or reach. It is important before using the Thera-Cane to stretch the muscles as this will help to locate the tender areas. The cane is made out of fiberglass and can’t be bent or broken. The tool does not have the capabilities to be taken apart like the Backnobber Tool.

Lacrosse Balls: The next helpful trigger point therapeutic massage tool is lacrosse balls. Use these by leaning against a wall and they will be able to penetrate the trigger points in the body. These balls have better texture as they are made out of rubber compared to the texture of tennis balls. This tool is similar to the Healthy Body Ball Massager however lacrosse balls have a smooth texture all around the ball.

Pressure Pointer Tool: This trigger point therapy tool helps with varying degrees of pain. The Pressure Pointer tool has several different heads that can be used for localizing annoying pain in the body. It provides instant pain relief for each individual who uses this product. While massaging the pressure points it helps relieve pain and release stress from pressure points. This tool has more extensions available in comparison to the Thera Cane and Backnobber Tool. The Pressure Pointer massager tool has several rolling massage heads, adjustable features, foam hand grip which helps with handling the massager while using it.

Healthy Body Ball Massager: The Healthy Body Ball massager is another helpful tool for Trigger Point massage. This is a round ball tool for ease and comfort to be used against a wall, or the floor to help with relieving any pain in the body. Compared to the Lacrosse Balls it can be used standing up against a wall. It helps the body to relieve pain and increase blood circulation. The Healthy Body Ball Massager appears to have protruding round fat spikes around the ball. The tool is found to be helpful with increasing healing ability, increase joint and muscle flexibility, reduce muscle spasms, improving posture, relieving stress, aiding in relaxation and reducing the overall pain cycle.