Treatment For Lower Back Pain Without Surgery

Pain is a constant companion when you injure your back. It can range from mild to extreme. It can alter your life, your job, and your daily routine. When you are afflicted with back pain the healing process is slow. Controlling and relieving back pain can become a full time job. The healing process is unusual compared to other injuries and feels like it is taking a life time.

You have several options for relieving back pain and with a little experimentation you will find what is best for your own healing. Exercise, new positions, and medication can put you back on the path to a normal life. Be careful when choosing your options and always move gently until you are sure the pain is fading.

If your injury is mild and you would like to avoid medication then choose a natural healing method to relieve the pain. With gentle movements and exercise your back health can return without the use of pain altering drugs or invasive surgery.

Do not remain laying down. Move gently with walking time and rest time. Do not lift anything during this healing time. Once the pain begins to lessen you can return to your normal activities. However, you must still avoid lifting, quick movements and twist, and over straining your back.

Following a yoga program for back injuries is a wonderful way to strengthen the muscles, relieve the pain, and remove the stress of your day. Yoga provides gentle movement and can target the injured area. For classes near you check with your local gym or watch videos online.

Start by slowly stretching. Raise one arm in the arm while the other relaxes at your side. Do not over reach. Once your arm is in the air stretch it slowly to loosen the muscles in your back. Hold for five seconds then very slowly lower your arm to your side.

Now stretch the other arm in the same way. This will loosen and stretch the muscles around the injured area without causing more damage. Hold for five seconds and lower your arm back to your side. Stand in a relaxed position for ten seconds and repeat. Do this exercise three times a day to begin.

Hot towels and cold ice packs can help to relieve back pain when alternated every few minutes. Leave each one on your back for ten minutes at a time. Your muscles will relax from the heat. The cold packs will control swelling of affected areas helping to control back pain until healing. Hot and cold packs can also be purchased where medical supplies are available.

Some injuries require a more intense therapy. At Calvanese Chiropractic, we are trained in reducing pain and promoting the healing for most back injuries. We can design a special exercise program to suit your needs so you can return to your former life without pain. We have the equipment and training to promote a steady recovery and prevent further injury.

We will include mild stretches, weights, leg lifts, and home instructions for your to follow once a week to four days a week depending on your injury. During this time do not lift over a set weight limit. The weight limit will be decided by your therapist.

Finally, if the injury cannot be treated with any of the above methods you have the option of back surgery. It is wise to have someone in good health check the background and surgery records of your surgeon. You want to use the very best you can afford to avoid problems.

Once you have chosen your surgeon you can schedule a day for your operation. Back surgery is a difficult operation and requires a good doctor and medical team. You will receive the very best care from the medical staff and your surgeon will provide follow up and information for your continued healing. Take time to heal and follow all advise your surgeon gives. One wrong move can destroy the work your surgeon has taken hours to perform and you will return to the pain of your former life.

In closing you can help relieve the pain with over the counter medication while you continue to search other options that will return you to full health. It can take months to return to your former health and many times you will have to learn to deal with minimum back pain in the future.