Treatment For Bone Spurs Without Surgery

Bone spurs are defined as the projections that mostly develop on the edges of bones. These bony projections often occur in the place where the bones meet or in the spine. The most common reason for development of bone spurs is damage in the joints that is often associated with the development of arthritis in the bones.

There are very many treatments that can be implemented to cure the bone spurs. However, the most common is surgery, even though it is a bit more expensive. This is because it is believed to be the only effective treatment for bone spurs. However, it may also lead to development of other problems or slow healing.

While many of the people that have had surgeries for bone spurs have healed fast, factors like high blood pressure, health conditions, age and even diabetes can have a negative impact. These conditions in addition to others can lead to slowed healing and even the development of other complications in the body.

It is due to these negative possibilities that there as need to develop other approaches to treat bone spurs. Today, there are a few other alternatives that can be used to correct and even treat bone spurs that do not involve surgeries. Here are some of these alternative methods of correcting bone spurs:

Medications and prescriptions
This is one of the alternative methods for correcting bone spurs. In most cases, these alternative methods are used when the patients have mild symptoms and can heal without surgeries. Some of the medications that can be given to alleviate the condition include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medications and muscle relaxants for a period of 1-2 months.

Sometimes the patient may be prescribed to take a lot of rest for the muscles. This is because the symptoms of the bone spurs may manifest when the body has been in constant pressure, leading to inflammation and therefore the manifestation of the symptoms. In such a case, rest is required so that the inflammation can subside on its own.

Rehabilitation therapy
This is done after an approximate period of 1-2 weeks of physical therapy. During this time, exercises and chiropractic adjustments can be made. These are attempts to restore the posture of the body structure, improving the flexibility and strength of the back and neck. These adjustments can also be done to alleviate the pressure on the joints hence reduce the inflammation. However, it is important that consultations with the doctor are made before the adjustments start.

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