Symptoms Of Chronic Lower Back Pain

Almost more the 60% people all over the world are suffering from lower back pain. Though various types of treatments are available for this health condition including over the counter medicine, injections, other alternative treatments and ultimately spinal surgery but an effective treatment can be selected after considering symptoms and proper diagnosis of the problem.

The problem of lower back pain can be treated only after its proper diagnosis on the basis of its symptoms only, regardless of the method you choose for this purpose. The health care provider you choose to diagnose your problem will discuss your medical history along with the symptoms of your back pain in detail before deciding the type of treatment necessary for your condition. He can also recommend for some diagnostic tests to confirm the cause of problem before reaching at a decision.

Brief information of the common symptoms of general as well as chronic lower back pain is provided here under to help you in making a well informed decision about its treatment.

Symptoms of general back pain:
Normally strain or sprain is considered as the most common cause of pain in lower back. The symptom of strain or sprain in lower back may include: Normally pain in this condition remains in lower back instead of spreading down in the leg.

Lifting some heavy thing, sudden fall or movement or twisting while lifting can be the initial reason of starting this pain. This pain may also accompany tenderness in touch and spasms in muscles. The intensity of pain may increase with some particular activity and reduce after resting. Your back pain can reduce after1-3 days if it is caused due to only a bit of strain in the muscle.

Chronic lower back pain can include following symptoms:
Pain and possibility of numbness in the leg: The pain from lower back can radiate to the buttock and down the leg up to foot. It can worsen by standing of sitting for long time. A lumbar herniated disc can be the main cause of this type of lower back pain.

Pain with certain positions and movements: The pain of this type have a tendency to fluctuate from low to high or no pain condition with time or due to certain positions like running or bending forward. The disease of degenerative disc can be the root cause of this type of chronic back pain.

Fracture in the back of the spine: In this condition pain in lower back is often experienced with pain in the leg which worsens with walking or standing in one position for long time.

Back pain caused by osteoarthritis: The lower back pain of this kind worsens in the morning and the evening due to stiffness in the joint. It is usually experienced by the adults. Degenerative arthritis can be the main cause of this pain.
Thus, the effective treatment of lower back pain can be suggested by your healthcare provider only after its proper diagnosis on the basis of its symptoms.