Pinched Nerve

Chiropractor Treatment for Pinched Nerve

Chiropractic adjustments aid a person in managing pinched nerve problems. A pinched nerve is an illness that is caused by the tightening of nerves which lead to aches or soreness. Probable causes for this problem could be sleeping in an uncomfortable position, injury, blows, the trauma of spine, bone spurs, fall and other spinal problems.

A pinched nerve can cause excruciating pain as well as numbness, tingling, twitches, a burning sensation or one of intense heat, then cold. Medication may reduce the pain, but it does not address the problem from its source. Chiropractic care can provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Nerve impingement or a nerve that is pinched occurs when surrounding tissues such as muscles, cartilage, bones, and tendons press on a nerve. It gets inflamed and incapable of conveying signals to and from the brain. Stress, injuries, poor posture, repetitive movements, obesity, osteoarthritis, sports and other physical activities may cause a pinched nerve.

Chiropractic care provides relief to tightened nerves without using drugs or expensive surgery. The spine is the cause of almost all musculoskeletal problems according to chiropractors. Concerning this, the body can do self-healing. Chiropractic treatment speeds up the body self-healing process by adjusting spinal misalignment in the body to restore it back to health.

Chiropractic care in nerve problems requires we check the medical records of the patient. Calvanese Chiropractic will make the patient undergo several medical examinations to locate the affected nerves. The tests could involve orthopedic, spinal, kinesiological, neurological and physical tests. To know the specific causes, we might require additional laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging.

If the nerve condition is traced and the cause is determined, we will then create a spinal pattern that needs spinal adjustments. We may utilize several treatment strategies to alleviate the pain.

All nerves can become pinched. For instance, if a nerve whose root is in the lower part of the spine, sciatica or pain at the back of the legs may result. Should this happen in the wrist, it may cause carpal tunnel syndrome which causes numbness in the fingers and hands. Nerves that pass through tissues or are very close to them are the most susceptible to this problem.

The treatment of pinched nerves will depend on the causes. If the condition is brought about by subluxation, an overall spinal adjustment would be needed to treat it. If pinched nerves are due to tightened muscles, then spinal adjustments on the affected nerves are required.

Pinched nerves brought about by traumatic injury could be handled by combining treatments such as spinal adjustments and a flexing table to help the spinal column. Typically, the patient experiences instant relief upon their first visit.

Additional visits at Calvanese Chiropractic can treat misalignment, promote nerve and joint health. If after three to six visits, the treatment is not working, then we might use other treatments like using a back brace or traction, electrical stimulation, physical therapy and soft tissue therapy. If you have been experiencing these symptoms contact us immediately for a consultation.