How Do You Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the widest and single nerve in the human body. It runs not so aimlessly from the base of the spine and ends in both feet with a gigantic fall. Knowing this certainly, helps one understand how sciatica pain works. Indeed, it follows the same path as the sciatic nerve with pain stretching right to the feet. Some of the causes for this type of pain are standing or sitting for long periods of time, overstretching, and in some cases lifting weights. But whatever the cause is a patient will want relief for sciatic pain symptoms like numbness and itchiness.

So, how do you relieve sciatic nerve pain?
Exercise those leg and back muscles with hamstring exercises. Hamstring exercises are pretty simple once you get the hang of it. To do so lie on your back and hold the back of your thigh, then proceed to lift your entire leg, holding it at a 90-degree angle with the ground. This stretching will get rid of any numbness and is one of the best forms of nerve pain treatment.

Together with the hamstring exercise, you can try out the psoas stretch. With the psoas, you again lie on your back, but this time you bend both knees and raise them to your chest. This helps flex lower back muscles that may have been tightened and tensed up by prolonged periods of sitting.

Acupuncture has been in use for years in physiotherapy. Acupuncture is where thin hair needles are pushed into skin pores to ease tension related symptoms. Carry out acupuncture in the affected areas carefully with a registered professional. Very slowly all stress will go away, and healthy blood circulation will commence.

Ice packs can be used as an active form of sciatic nerve pain treatment. Take your ice packs and rub them over the affected areas gently. The next thing you can do is apply a heat pack for the same duration of time. It is way better to use both because the changes in temperature help to optimize temperatures in the back.

Warming helps you to improve the blood flow to the present spot. Switching both cold as well as heat may give positive brings about diminishing ache and inflammation.

Massage therapy is also a very good option. A massage will help revive the normal circulation of blood around the back and legs. Any numbness will drift away if you do it sufficiently. Another thing about a massage is that it promotes the release of feel good hormones, endorphins. A massage not only assists relieve the muscles inside the back it can and loosen some of the muscles, which are influenced by the sciatic nerve. It may help circulation in the back, and if a person suffers from continual sciatic discomfort, massage is a great prevention.

Pharmaceutical drugs may have to be used as a last resort at getting relief for sciatic pain. Anti-inflammation drugs like naproxen help to reduce the extent of any form of swelling. Injections are also used in affected areas to quicken pain relief. Try out epidural steroid injections to relieve pain faster.

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