How Do You Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck?

Do you have a stiff neck and are in pain? Are the muscles in your neck and nape feeling strained? After a long time working on your desk, it is not unusual if your neck suddenly feels sore. Human neck muscles can be really tricky. Why is that? It can feel sore because of too much use, and it can also ache because of non-use. If you do not constantly use your neck to twist and turn your head, you may get a stiff neck. But if you move it around too much, your neck may get strained. But whatever the case may be, you should try to treat your neck pain as soon as possible to resolve any discomfort.

Neck pain is actually quite common, especially nowadays when most people just rely on using their gadgets. At work, most employees just face their computer from 9-to-5. At school, most students might just be staring at the PowerPoint presentation in front of them. During break times, a person might be seen using his PlayStation or Xbox. Because of the use of these gadgets, one can end up having a neck pain. Also, neck pain may occur because of lack of rest or improper resting position. Nevertheless, whatever the cause of the neck pain may be, it is still necessary that you treat your neck pain right away so that you can have a more relaxing time. Here are some things you can do to get rid of a stiff neck and aches.

After staying in the same position for a long time, your neck might start to hurt. An easy way to alleviate the pain you are feeling is to do some exercises. Simply stand up straight, breathe in and out and try to relax your muscles. Then, slowly turn your head side by side up and down for a couple of rounds. Then, try to rotate your neck clockwise for a few times, and then repeat it counter-clockwise.

Take a relaxing shower:
Sometimes, bath time can mean relaxing time. When you get home from work with a stiff neck, just try to rest for a few minutes then take a relaxing shower. Let the water run over your head and neck for a few minutes. Just stand still and absorb the relaxing feeling that is brought about by the water. For sore muscles, warm or hot water works best.

Apply hot compress:
Sometimes, neck pain is caused by an irregular flow of blood through your neck. To solve this problem, just get a hot compress and apply it on your neck. The heat coming from a hot compress will help regulate the blood circulation in your neck, making you feel more relaxed. You can just get a towel and dip it in hot water. Then, press it against your neck.

Use an ice pack:
The cold temperature also works well with neck pain. It gives your neck a cooling sensation so you do not feel the pain. Just get an ice pack and hold it against your next for a few minutes. This will give you that numb feeling, so you will temporarily feel relief from neck pain.

See a chiropractor:
At Calvanese Chiropractic we treat many patients with stiff necks and the pain that goes along with it. Our experienced chiropractors will first do a thorough evaluation. More than likely we will do a neck adjustment for a proper alignment. Then we will recommend follow up visits along with some exercises and stretching.

Take a good night sleep:
Sometimes, improper sleeping position and lack of sleep can bring you neck pain. So when you sleep, use a comfortable pillow so come morning time, your neck will feel relaxed instead of hurting.