Chiropractic Care In Miramar Florida

Chiropractic is healthcare that focuses on the health of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. This kind of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) uses manual manipulation to restore integrity to the nervous system and the spine, thereby reducing pain and restoring mobility and flexibility. When the spine is correctly aligned, the body’s cells, tissues and organs can function more optimally. The trained professionals at Trauma Associates of Florida are proud to service the Miramar, Florida area. If you are experiencing joint or muscular pain or discomfort or have experienced any sort of trauma or injury, chiropractic care can be a helpful solution to restore your health and body function in a natural way.

Chiropractic Care In Miramar Florida
Chiropractic care targets the spine and joints and their relation to the nervous system, which controls all bodily cells, tissues and organs. The spinal column is the protective casing that covers these parts and by properly aligning the spine, the body can be naturally healed without medication or surgery. Manual adjustments are used along with other treatments like massage, electrical stimulation and exercise to encourage tissues to heal and mobility to be restored, especially after trauma to the body. By using specific adjustments to vertebrae, this takes pressure off the affected area to stimulate nerve flow. This kind of healthcare is most commonly used for headaches and pain in the back, neck and joints.

Auto Accident Chiropractor In Miramar Florida
Most associate chiropractic care with auto accident injuries and for worthwhile reason. Whiplash, soft tissue and head injuries are common in auto accidents and chiropractic care can help to relieve pain and restore proper movement. Many times, those injured in accidents are not aware they have sustained any injuries until later, which is why visiting a chiropractor sooner rather than later after an accident is highly suggested. If left untreated, potential risks for long term pain or other issues become higher. At Trauma Associates of Florida, our trained professionals can assess your auto accident injuries and prescribe the optimal methods to encourage the body to heal quicker and naturally.

Sports Chiropractor In Miramar Florida
As an athlete, there may be times when you need to heal from an injury, prevent an injury or better yourself to reach peak performance. The sports chiropractors at Trauma Associates of Florida are specialized in assessing and prescribing optimal treatment for sports related injuries and pain. Whether you dance, bike, run or ball, the powerful and stressful motions the body goes through when performing at sports can encourage different types of pain in any part of the body. By using adjustments, specific exercises, massage or other supplemental elements to chiropractic care, healing is naturally stimulated and medication and surgery can be avoided so that you can return to the game.

Spinal Decompression Treatment In Miramar Florida
Living with lower back pain from bulging, degenerating or herniated discs can be difficult to endure daily. Pain can be experienced in the back, neck, arms or legs, and in worse cases, surgery may be necessary. Spinal decompression therapy (nonsurgical) aims to move back into place or heal bulging or herniated disc tissue by using a unique table with computerized sensors that gently stretch the spine. Healing is encouraged by taking pressure off the spinal discs, creating negative pressure, so that restorative nutrient fluids can reach them. When kept consistent, spinal decompression therapy can be a major relief to back pain experienced from back pain, sciatica, or damage to discs, joints or nerve roots.

Chiropractic Massage Therapy In Miramar Florida
Massage is a powerful form of healing that is as relaxing as it is restorative. Chiropractic massage therapy works by combining traditional massage therapy with chiropractic care to expel toxins from the body. The benefits of chiropractic massage are that it can increase mobility and circulation and reduce stress and inflammation and speed recovery of soft tissue injuries. When hard tissue, like the vertebrae and spinal joints, and soft tissue of the muscles are worked in tandem, it offers the body a more complete improvement.

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