Chiropractic Care and X-Rays

Questions have been raised on the relevance of chiropractic care and X-Rays. It has been confirmed that some patients are subjected to x-rays just as a formality though they are not necessary. Chiropractors suggest for X-Rays to be conducted just as a precautionary measure. X-Rays helps in preventing pathology and also help in spinal adjustment. For that reason, X-rays do play a significant role in chiropractic activities.

However, you do not need chiropractic care and x-rays for cases like non-traumatic lower back pain. An X-ray can only be conducted if only there are significant clinical findings. If that is not the case then you will not be required to undergo this medical procedure. Below are some of the instances that call for chiropractic care and x-rays:

• In case the disease is subjecting the patient to significant pain

• Whenever the patient undergoes notable trauma injury such as dislocated joint or a broken bone

• The possibility of a significant disease such as tumor or cancer

• Any joint disease that causes painful joints

• For patients who are at least 65 years old

• Anyone suffering from or is at risk of suffering from osteoporosis

• Suspected spinal issues

• Presence of long-lasting pain

Such instances require a patient to be subjected to chiropractic care and X-rays. This is very important in determining the issue and hence recommending reliable treatment. However, there is a catch. You need to find a very reliable and experienced chiropractor. Honestly speaking, finding one is not that easy. You can rely on:

Calvanese Chiropractic prides itself in having one of the best. This chiropractic care and x-rays center are located at Lauderhill Florida. Dr. John Calvanese has vast experience in providing quality chiropractic care to various patients in Dade and Broward County. Previous and current patients can attest to the level of expertise exercised by this doctor. This chiropractic healthcare center deals with injuries arising from:

• Slip and fall

• Work accident

• Sport injury

• Auto accidents

• Other related injuries

In case you are experiencing pain as a result of those injuries, it is high time you sought for Calvanese Chiropractic services. The pain will be gotten rid of easily without even being exposed to surgery and medications. Below are some of the Calvanese Chiropractic services you are bound to enjoy:

• Rehabilitative exercises

• Massage

• Cold Laser

• Decompression Traction

• Trigger point

• Electrotherapy

• Ultrasound

• Chiropractic adjustments

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