Chiropractor for Bulging Discs

The most significant thing to know is that back pain is a result of structural problems, and until the issue is solved, the pain will not go away. The spine is composed of numerous bones known as vertebrae. Between each bone (vertebrae), there is a fibrous structure with a soft inner core known as a disc. This structure gives flexibility and softening to the spine. If the discs are damaged, a cycle of pain arises with the start of advanced problems which can end in bulging disc.

What is a bulging disc?

When a disc is torn or injured, the soft jelly substance inside can leak out. If it starts to leak completely, it is called a bulging disc. If the outer material is not torn, the disc can swell without herniating. It is very painful. It’s like someone stepping on a balloon that does not pop. The balloon will bulge out to either side without breaking.

Bulging discs are some of the most serious conditions an individual can suffer in relation to spine. It can cause intense pain and even disability. When a disc bulges, it can cause serious back pain. It can also pinch the nerves that pass by as they come out of the spine. In other words, numbness, pain and tingling can go down to the legs or arms, and possibly into the toes and fingers.

When the outer part of the disc weakens, the pressure on the disc will cause the inner part to migrate through the cracks and fissures that have already been created. This pressure will change depending with activities, and an activity such as lifting something heavy incorrectly can increase the pressure inside the disc.

The cause of this problem can vary, but mostly this condition is caused by an injury like a fall, a car accident or lifting something heavy. It can also be caused by a genetic weakness. In addition, toxins can weaken the walls of spinal discs.

How Trauma Associates of Florida treats bulging discs:
Unfortunately, traditional treatment methods are not effective for this condition. This is because the problem with bulging discs is that the spine does not receive very good blood flow. Remember blood is for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the injured parts for faster healing. Since discs not receive this blood supply, they are tricky when healing is concerned. Some doctors will recommend medications such as muscle relaxers and pain killers or even surgery.

At Trauma Associates of Florida, we know how to treat bulging discs. Our chiropractors and physicians specialize in treating disorders and pain. Our therapists are professionals in bulging disc treatment, and will assist you in learning how you can easily recover from a bulging disc injury. Whatsoever the cause of back or neck pain, our professionals will diagnose and treat bulging discs using the finest medical attention. If you are experiencing back pain, kindly contact us to help you get rid of the pain and cure its cause.