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Chiropractor Back Pain

Pain Management and Chiropractic clinics have been continuously growing due to the rising number of people seeking chiropractic treatment. Of these, over seven million people seek relief from back pain caused by muscle strain, sports injuries and other forms of accidents. Other common complaints include headaches, slip and pain in the legs, arms and neck.
At Trauma Associates of Florida our certified Chiropractors offer a variety of chiropractic treatments for back pain. The following is an overview of back pain and the treatments we offer.

Back pain overview:

There are many conditions that result to back pain including trigger points, ruptured disks, obesity, sprained ligaments, strained muscles, sports injuries, inflamed joints, accidents, psychological stress, arthritis trigger points or ruptured disks. Sometimes even simple movements such as tying shoe laces can lead to back pain.

Types of back pain:
There are different types of back pain but the most common are chronic low back pain and acute low back pain.

· Acute lower back pain:
Patients who experience lower back pain often heal on their own by staying active and taking care of themselves but if it persists you can consider a no drug chiropractic therapy such as chiropractic manipulation.

· Chronic lower back pain

Natural chiropractic therapy like spinal manipulation is more beneficial in treating chronic lower back pain than long term use of pain medication. This is because treatment for lower back pain should be more focused on reducing pain and improving function.

Back pain symptoms:

Some patients may show no spinal abnormalities on x-ray, yet they suffer from very painful back pain. The following are the symptoms of back pain that you should look out for:
· Cramping
· Muscle spasm
· Stiffness
· Pain in the buttock
· Pain in the back
· Sensitivity of the spine to pressure and spine
· Prolonged pain.

Our chiropractic treatment for back pain:

To most people, back pain heals on its own often after a few days or weeks, but to others, it becomes chronic and lasts for years. At Trauma Associates of Florida, our well trained and experienced chiropractors have helped thousands of patients overcome back pain through adjustment of the vertebrae or spinal manipulation, spinal decompression treatments and physical medicine techniques, allowing patients to go back to their normal schedule in no time.

Back pain treatment procedure:

· Medical history evaluation
Here, a specialist conducts a complete medical history and physical exam to determine the cause of the back pain.
· Development of an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan
After a careful assessment of the back pain condition, the specialist puts together a personalized treatment plan designed to address your condition.
· Chiropractic adjustments
Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system, promotes spinal health and improves a patient’s overall health. These adjustments are beneficial in managing chronic pain and providing back pain relief caused by herniated discs or other misalignment of the spine.
· Therapeutic exercises
In addition to chiropractic adjustment or manipulation, Trauma Florida’s chiropractors may recommend physiotherapy treatments or therapeutic exercises to correct problems with the muscles so that they can properly support good posture as well as promote complete recovery from back pain. Spinal decompression treatments may also be recommended to address herniated or ruptured discs. If you are struggling with back pain, talk to Trauma Associates of Florida to determine which chiropractic treatment for back pain is right for you.