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Activities To Avoid With A Herniated Disk

Sometimes herniated discs are not noticeable, and those with them may not even realize that they have one. However when someone does notice the pain and symptoms from a herniated disc, life as they know it can become tougher than usual. A herniated disc can cause every day actions to be much tougher than usual. Daily activities that are generally done without much thought must be done with care. Sometimes those activities must be taken on by someone else, in order for you to heal.

In order to minimize pain and quickly recuperate from a herniated disc, check out these five activities one should avoid. While this list is not all encompassing, it does cover certain activities to avoid that will indeed help you. You might be surprised to see how many “simple,” every day actions can derail your recovery. Avoid these activities to minimize pain and recover more quickly.

Five Activities to Avoid When Dealing with A Herniated Disc

1. Leave the Laundry Alone

It is not very often that you get an excuse to stop doing laundry. Now you have one. Whether it is up and down bending or carrying the laundry, your herniated disc will heal faster if you leave the laundry to someone else. Either ask a family member or friend to handle the duties, or you can rely on laundry service companies.

2. Put off Pet Care

You love your pooch, but do you realized how simple actions like feeding your pet can make your condition worse? Avoid excessive bending and up and down motions. Have a family member or friend take on the duties related to your pet(s).

3. Skip Strenuous Exercise

Your medical provider and/or physical therapist may have exercises planned that will help you, but be sure not to overdo it. Just because you have been assigned recovery exercises does not mean that you can exercise any and every way that you would like. Strenuous exercise must be avoided. Avoid any activities that put constant force on your lower back, like squatting, running, jumping, sit-ups and some yoga poses.

4. Give the Garden Tools to Someone Else

The roses in your front yard are the envy of your neighbors, but anything that may involve bending or stooping in repetition is not good for a herniated disc. If you must work in your garden, be sure to only allow yourself to remain in the same position.

5. Ditch the Driving

Prolonged seating can make your herniated disc worse. On top of that, sitting or staying in the same position for a long amount of time can make matters worse. Be sure to ask family members and friends to do the driving for you. That way you can focus on riding in comfort and not be worried by driver responsibilities.

By avoiding these activities above, you can reduce pain and heal faster. Always check with your care providers too. For a consultation and to schedule an appointment contact us today at 954-742-7882